EL OJO is a creative agency based in Los Angeles. With artful, smart strategies, we empower businesses to be consistently seen and heard.


Ingredients are words in a sentence structure. It’s a vocabulary that I can shift around and do weird things with to communicate ideas.
— Alida Borgna, Chef


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I have always tried to be as accurate as possible, and my main interest is that all my productions exhale honesty and emotion.
— Suso Saiz, Producer and Musician


Great images have both a history and a prehistory; they are always a blend of memory and legend…
— Gaston Bachelard, “The Poetics of Space”




I am a person whose job really is taking in a lot of things that inspire me and then somehow creating things that come back out of me.
— Jim Jarmusch, filmmaker
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We trust our work is not about style but about communication - that style is just a way for the idea to flourish.
— Lernert Engleberts, Creative Director

We like to leave room to be intuitive and to make decisions that feel genuine… it just definitely requires a lot of care and a lot of work.
— Mike Eckhaus and Zoe Latta, Designers of Eckhaus Latta



Tangled scenes of life are made more intelligible in esthetic experience.
— John Dewey, “The Art of Experience”
To me, art is a language, and it ought to communicate to the largest number of people possible.
— Amanny Ahmad, Artist, Chef, and Writer