Founded in 2019 and based in Los Angeles, EL OJO Agency’s mission is to artfully empower industry-leading businesses to be seen and heard.


We exist to eliminate your overwhelm of creating expertly branded content.

We do this by capturing your business energy through trust-building brand photography.

Your brands are strengthened by attracting loyal clients + intensifying respect.

1.  We is she.  She is I.  The Boss behind EL OJO is Angeline Woo.

I hire worthy ones to be part of my agency.

2.  One of my superpowers is sharp intuition.

That's why I can supertaste what your rare energy is all about, and harness it visually

through organic brand photography.

3.  We're pretty forthright.

You choose how + when you want to work with us.

We provide you with monthly branded images to

  • position your brand for growth

  • attract loyal clients

  • conquer your marketing goals

  • intensify the respect you deserve.

4.  We're based in Los Angeles, and periodically available for bookings in major cities.

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5.  I strongly dislike BS, negative/fixed mindsets and untethered egos.

If you do, too, then we'll get along.

6.  I'm a native Angeleno.

This is rare.  Look it up.

7.  Things I like:

the 4th dimension, petrichor, blue eyeshadow, constant growth,

neuroplasticity, self-compassion, mindfulness, James Beard. 



Foundation + Values

Our foundation is the multiple levels of human relationships connected to the brands.

We intentionally inspire fellow leaders to be fully empowered.

Our Five Core Values:

  • Integrity

  • Authenticity

  • Excellence

  • Growth Mindsets

  • Conscious Living

We look forward to creating legacies with you.

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EL OJO is Spanish for The Eye.

To have “an eye” (for something) is defined as: to be particularly perceptive or discriminating in a certain discipline or activity, especially an aesthetic one.