What We Do

El Ojo is a creative agency based in Los Angeles. With artful, smart strategies, we empower businesses to be consistently seen and heard.

Harnessing our visual and technical insight, we compellingly reflect your brand to authentically build a vibrant, global community.

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Creative Content

  • Visual Campaigns

  • Narrative Strategy and Development

  • Produced Shoots

  • Produced Videos

  • Graphic Design, Illustration and Animation

    Digital Marketing

  • Social media management across multiple platforms

  • E-mail strategy, content and management

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Narrative Development Shoots

Art-directed, on-location shoots

Produced Shoots / Campaigns

Strategy-involved, thought-provoking campaigns


Videos, Graphics + Animation

We got you


Imaginative vision elicits the possibilities that are interwoven within the texture of the actual.
— John Dewey, “The Art of Experience”